Charlie Baker Time Trial (CBTT)

On behalf of the Northeast Bicycle Club (NEBC), CBTT, SMART and all of our sponsors, I would like to welcome you to the Charlie Baker Time Trial series.

NEBC is proud to renew its teaming agreement bringing the Speed Merchant Aero Research and Testing (SMART) Low Speed Wind Tunnel (LSWT) on as title sponsor for the NEBC Charlie Baker Time Trial (CBTT) Series.

The Speed Merchant Aero Wind Tunnel Test Labs ( is a state of the art Aerodynamics Testing Facility designed with the needs of the Competitive Cyclist and Triathlete in mind. It is founded and operated by a group of Engineers and Scientists who just so happen to also be competitive cyclists themselves. Besides the scientifically accurate measurements of aero drag numbers, their experience as cyclists allows the tunnel’s clients access to a world of knowledge, experience, and advice that can prove invaluable to Road Cyclists and Triathletes looking to improve their position on the bike and to get faster whether racing on the Road, in Time Trials, or in Triathlons.

The SMART LSWT sponsorship of the NEBC CBTT comes with a great deal of benefit to all CBTT competitors. For every race entered ($5 for NEBC members, $10 for non-NEBC), each rider gets a $25 discount off testing services at the Speed Merchant Aero Wind Tunnel. The discount is cumulative and a rider can earn as much as $100 off the first hour of Wind Tunnel Testing and an additional $100 off the second consecutive hour of a single test session at the SMART LSWT. That’s right, for no more than 8 entries in the CBTT TT series for $80 or less; you can save $200 off a 2 hour test session. A CBTT Racer can also earn credits up to $100 total to use for the Expert Fitting Services for TT/Tri Bike setups. For those certain to “Learn to Fly with Speed Merchant Aero”, you essentially get your Charlie Baker TT race entries for free and even get money back to learn how to get seriously fast. Between NEBC, Speed Merchant and You, that’s one great partnership.

So Get SMART and Get Faster at the NEBC Charlie Baker TT Series!!!

Come test yourself in the “Race of Truth”! Riders start 30 seconds apart and race alone against the clock. Test your fitness and measure your training progress. Brag to your friends or just have fun finding out how fast you can ride. Open to riders of all levels. Whether you hold the National Hour Record or are just getting into competitive cycling, you’ll find the riders and staff welcoming, the training excellent, and the camaraderie fun.

Members: $5, Non-members: $10, Juniors (under 18 years old) ride for FREE

Or purchase a season’s pass…  Members: $50, Non-members: $100

All participants must have a USAC annual license or purchase a $10 one-day license

CBTT 2017 flyer

Wednesdays, May 10th through September 6th, 2017

Questions? Please contact Katherine Snell, CBTT Promoter at

CBTT Course Records

Interested in earning hours for RRP and want to help out? Add your name to the list!

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