Boston group rides & Training races

Tuesday/Thursday Morning Ride (545 Ride/Crack of Dawn @ Cutler Park)

  • When: 5:45 AM  -  Runs year round, weather permitting.
  • Where: Cutler Park parking lot. By the PTC offices. (
  • Strava Segment:
  • What you need to know: This ride is just under 23 miles and intensity can vary based on the time of year. The A group is a DROP ride but tends to be a little tamer than some of the others in the area. Tuesday is typically the harder of the two days with Thursday usually on the lighter side as it falls closer to the races on the weekends. The best part of this ride is that as long as bikes are able to be ridden, people will be out riding. It runs pretty much year round and you'll always have a couple buddies to ride with. I've been on rides with these guys that are at 26+mpg avg and others closer to 20mph. Either way you'll get a good tempo effort in and be working on those group dynamics. In addition to the A ride mentioned above, there are usually B and C groups that roll as well.

Concord Bullet Train (p/b the Monsters Group)

  • When: Tuesdays @ 5:35AM – Late April through August
  • Where: Concord Center round about (
  • Strava Segment:
  • What you need to know: This is a no non-sense Hammerfest north of Boston in the town of Concord. Be prepared to buckle up and enjoy the suffering. It is very much a DROP ride. Not even a father-son bond would hold any weight here. Great for getting the leg speed and heart rate up. There is an A and B group for this ride as well. Plus, hit up Haute Coffee post ride for an amazing cup of coffee.

Tuesday Night Worlds (TNW)

  • When: Tuesdays at 6PM - Runs from mid to late April through September
  • Where: The intersection of Greendale Ave and Hunting Rd, just across from the overpass of Interstate 95 near Cutler Park. (
  • Strava Segment:
  • What you need to know: The quintessential hard and fast group ride of Boston. Drawing from the city and the suburbs, this is one of the faster rides you will find near Boston. There are many stop signs and some traffic to deal with, so be prepared to stay alert and be cognizant of those riders around you. Always ends with a sprint finish.


  • When: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:45AM
  • Where: Weston Center (On town green across from the First Parish Church, 349 Boston Post Road)
  • Routes:
  • What you need to know: A great group of cyclists who have a good time. The pace is typically quick (depending on who shows) but slightly more welcoming than the Bullet Train, 545 Tuesday Ride from Cutler Park or Tuesday Night Worlds/Wompatuck. Ideal for those people who live/work north of the Pike. One of the coolest parts of this group is that every June they do the "MacCentury". Organized by Pete Linnard this is a combination of all their daily routes (links below) all wrapped up into one epic morning. The MacCentury starts promptly at 1:15AM and by 7:30AM you will have ridden 106 miles before most people have had their first cup of coffee, plus whatever it took you to get there and back. The ride has options to jump in at any point since it starts and ends every loop at the same place. Breakfast follows…or work if you are so inclined.

Wompatuck Criterium (Training Race)

  • When: Tuesdays  @ 6:15 PM (Late Arrivals are able to jump in during race) Rain dates are always the next day – Wednesday. Runs from mid April through the end of August
  • What: 25 Laps (32.8 miles) of a closed course in Wompatuck State Park.
  • Website:
  • Where: Park Map and Start Location
  • Strava Segment:
  • What you need to know: Registration fee is $15 per night, $3 for Juniors. So bring some cash in your jersey pocket. A current USAC License is required, otherwise a USAC one day fee will need to be paid as well. Winner gets their money back. This ride is a gem. With the closed course and all corners able to be peddled through it is an ideal for all riders whether you are new to racing and looking to develop or a seasoned veteran who is simply looking for a nice spot to put the pedal to the metal for 75 minutes. The race is well organized and always has a USAC official there keeping things moving along.
  • Social Media – Follow @whowonwompy on Twitter for Ride Updates, Results and rain dates.

Wednesday Morning Hill Workout - 545 Velo

  • When: 5:45AM on Wednesday's.
  • Where: Meet up at Belmont Star Market @ 5:45
  • Route Segments: Varies based on the Hill workout that is chosen. Route typically goes into and around Arlington.
  • What you need to know: Good group of riders, many the same as who ride Tuesday morning 545 ride. The hills will surely work you over and have you feeling very accomplished, all before 7AM.

Greenline Velo Wednesday Night Group Ride

  • When: 5:45PM on Wednesday's during Spring, Summer and Fall. Weather permitting. See their FORUM to keep up to date on if weather will be changing the ride. Ride leaders make the call by 4pm day of.
  • Where: Cleveland Circle. Meet in the parking lot next to Cassidy Field (
  • Route Segments: See website for the three options Short, Medium and Long --> Each night depending on the route taken there will be between 3-4 different groups based on riders ability, from fast to medium to slower. So no matter what kind if workout you are looking for, there should be something for everyone.
  • What you need to know: Landry's Bike Shop on Commonwealth Ave allows for riders to change their clothes and drop their bags before heading to Cleveland Circle for the ride to begin. Just be sure to plan enough time to make the 5:45 departure from Cassidy Field. Post ride, back near Landry's they invite all riders to join them for pizza at Otto located HERE.

Peet's Social - Friday "Easy" Ride

  • When: 5:45AM on Friday's - Early to mid April through September
  • Where: Peet's Coffee, Wellesley, MA (
  • Strava Segment (Main Section Only "Morning Bagel Loop):
  • What you need to know: Be there early if you want a quick cup of coffee before heading out, or save it for post ride. Either way you'll have great company to enjoy your drink with. The ride starts and ends at a very relaxed pace. The ride picks up for about a 13 mile hard effort ranging anywhere from 30-35 minutes if you are with the fastest of the group. During the summer it is typically used by racers as a quick "opener" of sorts and for the cronies, it is another opportunity to smash the pedals before work.

Charles River Wheelmen (CRW 42)

  • When: Saturday's at 8:30AM  - Runs year round, weather permitting.
  • Where: Nahanton Park – Kayak Parkin Area (
  • Strava Segment:
  • What you need to know: A 42 mile ride that is typically fast paced and treated like a race. Ride time is typically well under two hours and if near the front you can expect to be moving at between 23-25mph. It is a DROP ride but typically there will be enough people that you'll find a place with others that meshes well.

Well's Ave Training Crit by the Boston Road Club (Training Race)

  • When: (Sundays from Late March through September)


9:45    A       32 miles    Cat Pro/1/2/3/4  100

8:45    B       24 miles    Cat 3/4          100

8:00    C       12 miles    One-day/Cat 5    50

7:30    D**     12 miles    Juniors/Women   50

Where: Wells Ave Business Park


  • Website:
  • Strava Segment (Loop Only Shown – Not full Race):
  • What you need to know: This is a training race that according to The Boston Road Club has been taking place since 1981. Built as a way to get newcomers into the sport and seasoned vet's a good workout, it takes place on a 0.8 mile loop in the Wells Ave Business Park. The loop is very wide and there is pletny of room for a large group. Unlike the Womp Crit, the course is "semi-open". Police monitor the entrance to the loop, however multiple businesses and Church's are in operation during the race so caution must be taken as the roads could end up being shared by car and bicycle alike, even if the cars are supposed to be on high alert. (We all know how that works)
  • Cost:
    • A/B Races - $17 for BRC Members, $22 for non-BRC members
    • C/D Races - $12 for BRC Members, $17 for non-BRC members
    • Juniors - $5
    • Season Pass - $120
    • 1 Day USAC license can be obtained onsite for $10
    • Social Media: @brcwellsave – Follow for Race Results, Updates on Schedule, etc..
    • Note on Schedule: Per website -->
      • Unless otherwise noted, races follow typical schedule (C Race ‐ 8am, B Race ‐ 8:45 am, A Race ‐ 9:45 am)
      • **Official may combine A and B races based on number of racers. A/B race begins at 9:15 am**

Charlie Baker Time Trial (CBTT) - Training Race

  • When: Wednesdays - Registration from 5:30 - 6:00, first rider off at 6:15
  • Where: Old North Bridge Parking Lot, Monument St., Concord, MA (
  • Strava Segment:
  • Website/Flyer:
  • What you need to know: This is a weekly 10 mile time trial. A very optimal place to get decked out in your aero gear and test out that TT bike that has been hanging in your garage the week before Killington…or Nationals…or you know whenever. Don't tell them I said so, but they even let Triathletes participate. Just be sure you wear long socks so you blend in!

Duxbury Time Trial - Training Race

  • When: Thursdays from May 11th - August 31st - Racers must be at staging area no later than 6:25 PM
  • Where: Keene St and Union St., Duxbury, MA 02332 (
  • Strava Segment:
  • Bike Reg Link:
    • Season Pass Available before series starts each year. Otherwise you can pay a $10 drop in fee each time you go to the weekly training race.
  • What you need to know: This is a weekly 10 mile time trial. If you aren't signed up for the season pass be sure to bring some cash with you.
  • Championship TT at end of the season -->
    • This Championship is held on the final Thursday TT of the year. It has its own separate Bike Reg registration link and prizes are awarded.''

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