Yearly Archives: 2022

2022: Peter Lowers His Hour Record

October 17, 2022 Everyone has goals; for some, it's just to get out of bed in the morning, and others may want to become astronauts and rocket to the moon or Mars. I have spent years trying to break a world record in cycling. Unfortunately, the last four years have thrown curveballs at me- such…
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Peter Megdal’s National Hour Time Trial record SET October 14, 2021

DEDICATED TO: my older brother, Eddie, who died of heart disease at only 61 years old.  December 21, 2019.   After setting the para C5 national record in 2018, I set my goal to best the current world record for the 60+-year-old when I turned 60. However, life has its challenges. After overcoming a near-fatal…
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