BUMPS Series 2020

Hello, and welcome to the 2020 BUMPS, is back again. We are looking forward to an outstanding Hillclimb season here in the Northeast. Please click on the "About" button on this page, then on "Story" to get all the details about BUMPS.

Northeast Bicycle Club (NEBC) is supporting the BUMPS, and providing the leader “jerseys” (The jersey is actually a scrimmage vest - light and airy, that you can conveniently just pull over your favorite race jersey). Compete for the honor of wearing the BUMPS leader “jersey” at the next hill race.


Here is a list of BUMPS events


This Facebook page replaces the old BUMPS Facebook page, as well as the old web page. Please "like", "follow", and check back here frequently for news, standings, and discussion. Feel free to post questions, and join the conversation here with the (rather unusual) community of cyclists who like hills.

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